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Joanna Mae

Compassionate, determined, empathetic, humorous

Daughter of her mother in real life, daughter of Athena in another life

Considers herself as a philonoist who loves knowledge, loves the fictional characters in her books, loves the idea of living in a world where one can come and go to other planets

Experienced the feeling of despair, the feeling of being worthless, but still optimistic in living in this world

A girl who needs to see South Korea after her graduation, a girl who needs to buy kpop and anime merchandise but unfortunately is unable to do so, and a girl who needs to eat every three hours

Doesn’t have any accomplishments except for minor awards since grade school but gives her best in everything because she wants to change the world by educating other people

Scared of dying without fulfilling her mother’s dream, scared of knowing that this world’s just an experiment by other superior creatures, and lastly, scared of living in a world without music and books

A girl who wants to see a world without discrimination and injustice, who wants to see her favorite anime character in real life, and a girl who wants to study in Hogwarts

Currently lives in Manila because she wasn’t able to receive her Hogwarts letter but now tries to go to Camp Halfblood



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