10 reasons why I love Jin of Bts

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  1. His dance is hilarious.

He is not the best dancer in BTS and admits that dance is his weakest point but he practices a lot to perfect their choreography. But watch his traffic dance to see how hilarious and cute he is.

  1. He is the “eomma” of BTS.

He is considered as the mother of the group as he takes good care of his members. He even drives Jungkook, their youngest, to school.

  1. The boy can cook.

And, if boys can cook, there is no need for any explanation.

  1. He is really hard-working.

He started as a trainee without any special skills. He is not a good dancer and singer back then but he really improved a lot and is now as good as the other members.

  1. His love for color pink.

He even owns a pink flip phone and that is so adorable.

  1. He loves to eat.

He has his own segment on VApp called “Eat Jin” where he literally eats for like 7 minutes that will make you ask yourself why are you watching a twenty-three-year-old man eating. But he really looks precious when he is eating so you’ll just watch all the “Eat Jin” episodes. Plus the fact that he looks like a chipmunk when he chews. He is really adorable.

  1. His confidence.

He knows that he is handsome and he is really confident about it.

  1. His voice.

He doesn’t get a lot of lines in their songs but he really has a super nice voice. His voice is my lullaby.

  1. His flying kiss.

He knows that his fans really love seeing him do it so he does it in almost all videos of BTS.

  1. His laugh.

Oh my god his laugh. His laugh actually is the reason why he was my bias for two years. Damn, Jungkook why?



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