Manila Science High School: The Academy for Intellectual Muscles

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“Masci produces not only intelligent people, they also produced the strongest ones, like me.”

Advanced Algebra. Advanced Physics. Advanced Chemistry. Too many electives. But Masci really helped me a lot not only in academics but especially in overcoming challenges in life. 7am-7pm class then you need to do the homeworks until midnight then wake up at 5am in the morning then repeat the same schedule, but guess what? It’s all worth it. I love Masci, with those advanced subjects, too many electives, and all. 🙂

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“Nakapasa ang kuya mo sa Manila Science High School, dapat ikaw rin.”

Pressured. Annoyed. Sad. Angry. Feeling meh.

Science schools are for the brainiest, they are conceptualized for intellectually intelligent individuals who have muscled brains that could carry loads of knowledge… which I know do not characterized me. But for the sake of being an obedient child, I took the entrance exam. The gods played the most hilarious joke, I PASSED. Toinks.

Gruelling, that is how i described the moment I saw my name on the list. It’s as if I am in a blotter logbook of some precinct. I wanted to cry in full dismay, that I am looking forward to a boring highschool life. My parents are announcing it to everyone, jumping for enormous joy while I am bidding goodbye to my hoolahoops and jumpropes.

First year, neophyte, Section: Armstrong. “Why are the letters being solved in algebra?…

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A message to my sixteen-year-old self

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You’re going to get hurt. You’re going to meet new people and they will be a part of your life. But they’re not going to stay. There will come a time that they will leave you and you will be devastated. You’re going to blame yourself for that. Their leaving will make you think that you aren’t enough, that whatever you do, you will never be enough. You will never be enough to make people stay.

But you’re going to fall in love again. This time, it’s a one-sided love but you won’t care. You’ll love him and you’ll be thankful because you thought you’ll never feel this again but because of him, you will. And you’re going to meet new friends. They aren’t that many but they’re loyal and they will stay by your side no matter what happens and that’s enough.

You’re going to commit lots of mistakes. But that’s okay. You’ll learn from those. Those mistakes will make you strong and will inspire you to do better. And from now on, you’re going to experience more hardships. But you will overcome those. You need to overcome those hardships to achieve your goal. You will endure all those hardships and carry on with your life.

And lastly, keep doing what you’re doing right now because you’re doing well.

An open letter to the friend I fell in love with,

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Two years ago, I was the girl who’s had enough of love. Two years ago, I swore I won’t fall in love again. Two years ago, I gave all the love I could give. Two years ago, I experienced the worst possible pain I thought I would feel. Then you came. And slowly, you’re making me feel things I shouldn’t feel. You’re making me love you.

Before you, I was writing about other people’s stories, now I am writing our story. A story which I hope will turn into a love story, a love story wherein two friends fell in love with each other. Before you, I was writing about my fantasies, now I am writing about our reality. The real moments that we shared that made me fall for you. Before you, I was writing about my idea of a perfect guy, now I am writing about your imperfections and the way I adore them. Before you, it’s about me, now I’m thinking about us. I’m thinking about what the future has in store for us – whether we’ll remain friends or be more than that.

Do you remember when I didn’t pick that food on the floor? I didn’t pick it up because it really smells bad and I don’t want to have that smell especially when I am with you. Do you remember when I didn’t accept that chocolate? I was spacing out due to too much “kilig” at that time. Do you remember when I didn’t talk to you for a week? I got mad because you made me feel that I am not important to you. But I remember how you stopped that ball from hitting me. I remember when you gave me that memo pad. I remember when you bought my medicine when I wasn’t feeling well. I remember how you protected me in that crowded place. I remember how you stand so close to me that our foreheads touched. I remember those little things which made me feel the butterflies in my stomach and made my heart flutter. And I am grateful because you made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me happy. You even made me cry again. You made me realize that a single heartbreak doesn’t mean I cannot fall in love again.  You made me realize that it’s okay to fall in love again. You made me realize that I am still capable of loving someone because I fell in love again, and this time, I fell in love with you.

But I know that you will always see me as a friend. I know you will never return this feeling. I know you will never love me the way I want you to. But it’s fine. I am not expecting anything. I am not expecting you to love me. I am not expecting you to choose me because if I have a choice, I will never choose someone I can’t have.

I will never choose you.

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“I want to be your person. The person you’ll never stop looking for in a crowded place. The person you’ll always look forward to see. The person you’ll always want. The person you’ll always remember.”


Wrote this a year ago but I need to start writing again sooo, I retrieved some works and will try to edit and post it here.



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Joanna Mae

Compassionate, determined, empathetic, humorous

Daughter of her mother in real life, daughter of Athena in another life

Considers herself as a philonoist who loves knowledge, loves the fictional characters in her books, loves the idea of living in a world where one can come and go to other planets

Experienced the feeling of despair, the feeling of being worthless, but still optimistic in living in this world

A girl who needs to see South Korea after her graduation, a girl who needs to buy kpop and anime merchandise but unfortunately is unable to do so, and a girl who needs to eat every three hours

Doesn’t have any accomplishments except for minor awards since grade school but gives her best in everything because she wants to change the world by educating other people

Scared of dying without fulfilling her mother’s dream, scared of knowing that this world’s just an experiment by other superior creatures, and lastly, scared of living in a world without music and books

A girl who wants to see a world without discrimination and injustice, who wants to see her favorite anime character in real life, and a girl who wants to study in Hogwarts

Currently lives in Manila because she wasn’t able to receive her Hogwarts letter but now tries to go to Camp Halfblood