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Experience is the best teacher. And that’s what I’ve learned from my on-the-job training experience. As I make my way to the last semester at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, we are required a 200-hour on-the-job training for us to be prepared for the real thing – the working environment. I had my internship at Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation on December 5, 2016. It is a nonlife insurance that offers motor car, fire, bonds, marine insurance, etc. owned by the AXA Philippines. I was assigned to the Collection Department.

I started working on their software Geniisys to gather information about the clients of one of the brokers in our department, Ms. Cai. She taught me how to use Geniisys and gather information whether the client still has claims or none. I was very nervous at first because it’s my first time to use that software but I eventually got the hang of it. She also taught me how she does her job such as making a schedule policy. My supervisor, Ms. Nhora gave tasks to me such as encoding transmittals and organizing the letters that will be sent to the company’s clients. I also assisted Sir Joven hand out the letters to the company’s employees regarding their loans to the company. I met and talked to a lot of people through this task. I also encoded the official receipts and organized them to be sent to their clients. I also issued provisional receipts from the clients through Ms. Lanie. She also taught me a lot about the insurance policies, depreciation, and other things. Our department head Sir Mike assigned tasks to me such as extracting files from their database, printing, and sending the letters to the company’s clients. Aside from those tasks, I also fill up the lbc form, put the letters inside the lbc pouch, and make a transmittal for those letters. I also answered calls whenever some employees are on leave or are not available at the moment. I learned how to use the Xerox machine for photocopying and scanning documents, which I wasn’t able to learn since we don’t have a Xerox machine at home. The last task I did is the filling of all the official receipts that I encoded and the lbc forms that I filled out.

Having my internship at Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation was a pleasant experience. I learned many things and met new people. Using new software is really nice because I am not really techie. Encoding transmittals and letters helped me learn a lot of Microsoft Excel’s shortcuts which I am not an expert. Handing out letters to the different employees of the company helped me reduce my anxiety when talking to other people. I learned how to interact and communicate more to other people. I also learned how to work fast and having different tasks at one is really challenging. I also got the opportunity to see how the people in the upper management talked to their employees and how do they act whenever they are in a meeting.

I also had quite some memorable experiences in my internship. There is that day when I got to the elevator with one of the people from upper management and the way he talked to me is really nice. I was intimidated at first because he is from a higher position but he is really approachable and asked questions about myself. This is quite memorable because I also dreamed of having a high position someday and the feeling that I was able to talk to one, is really cool. Next is the relationship I built with one of the employees in our department, Ms. Cai. She is a really nice person and I was able to be close with her. There was a time that she asked me to go with her outside the office. And until now, we still communicate sometimes. There’s also the last day of the work in December. The people in our department are very busy and I’ve got multiple tasks to do. But at the end of the day, some employees gave me simple tokens like brownies and wafers. Our department head also took us for lunch during my last day at the office.

The other employees in the company are also nice. I was able to get close to the other interns at the office even if they are in different departments. I sometimes eat lunch with them or talk to them whenever we see each other. There are also the employees in the Underwriting department which I had lunch with also. The guards and the employees in the GSD department are also approachable and friendly. I usually go to their department to deliver the letters and chat with them while they’re checking the letters I’ve delivered.

My overall OJT experience was great. Even though I only did minor tasks, I think the most important part is that I was able to see and grasp what is happening in the working environment, what is in store for me, and what I will do for the rest of my life from the career that I had chosen. It prepared me for the real thing. It proved what I really want and do not want to do. And it showed the path that I will take for a few months.


Essay on education

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Education. This is the word that we always hear. Maybe not the exact word of it but words that are related to it. When we were young our parents always tell us that we should study hard. And until now, they are still motivating, and sometimes nagging us to study hard. But the thing is, why do we need education? Why do we need to wake up early for morning classes and stay in school for how many hours? Why do we need to study different subjects that we will eventually forget? Why do we need to stay up late to do our homework and projects? Why do we need to study? Is it really worth it? Fortunately, yes. It is really worth it. You know why?

First, education provides us knowledge. Education gives us the knowledge about our world. Through this knowledge, we were able to have our own perspective and opinion for the different issues and everyday life situations. We can also understand the world we live in. We will know the history of the world, how plants, animals, and human take part in the oxygen and nitrogen cycle, that convection is the transfer of heat from one place to another by motion of the heated substance, that economics is the study of the proper allocation and efficient use of the individuals and societies the scarce resources that nature and previous generations have provided to produce commodities for the maximum satisfaction of unlimited human needs and wants, and many other things. Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge gives the best interest. For me, this is true. We can invest a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of hard work, a lot of efforts for knowledge and it will not go to waste because it will really pay off. The knowledge we gained from education will always stay with us no matter what. Maybe we cannot memorize and remember all these knowledge but most of it will stay in us for the rest of our lives.

Second, education helps our society. Our society has set rules that we need to follow, and one of those rules is to have an education. Our society expects us to study at the age of four or five, finish grade school and high school while determining our passion or interest that we will pursue in college, get a job after and be a useful member in our society. This may sound hard and tiring but all of us can do it. Each one of us has something that we’re good at. Each one of us has the abilities and skills that we can use to contribute to our society. And those abilities and skills can be develop through education. By this, we can do those things that our society expects us to do, so that we can belong and help our society.

Third, education turns our dreams into reality. Of course, all of us have our own dreams. Dreams of having a nice car, a big house, a breadwinner in our family, and most especially a successful person in our chosen path. But, it’s not only about dreaming. It’s about doing your best to turn those dreams into reality. And we could do that by educating ourselves.

But the best or the most important thing that education could give us is happiness. We’re always looking for happiness but honestly, being educated is one of the things that could make us happy. Through education, we can get knowledge, we can contribute to our society, and we can turn our dreams into reality. And that will lead us to a happy and contented life.

Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I believe this statement is true for the following reasons. By staying, listening, and learning at school, I was able to realize my own dreams and those dreams are to build a public library, to raise my own school, and to be a professor. I want to have my own library where I will put different kinds of textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, researches, and even novels that I will open to the public because I want every child, every teenager, every person, and every individual to learn how to read, to develop a liking to books, and to yearn for knowledge. I want every child to have enough knowledge for them to make their own dreams too. I want to have my own public school that will allow poor people to be educated despite their financial struggles. I want them to finish their studies so that in the future they will be able to contribute to our society as well. I want to be a professor to help the young minds appreciate their chosen path, to develop their knowledge and to hone their skills which I know will be an asset for this country. In order to fulfill these dreams, I will start educating myself more. If I will be able to fulfill my dreams, I believe other people will have their own dreams too. Then little by little, if all people have their own dreams, then these dreams will be their drive to be successful in life. If all people will be able to achieve their dreams, then eventually change will be seen. People have improved themselves, I believe our nation will follow. I hope this one simple dream will change other people, will change a nation, and will change a world into a better one.